Microsoft updates OneDrive for Android, gets improved search, new sharing view, and more

Microsoft updates OneDrive's Android client to improve search and sharing view features among more

Microsoft has just updated the OneDrive app for Android to add many exciting new features. The update brings the ability to find specific files or folders with the built-in search option, and much more.

Bumping up the version number to 2.7.0, OneDrive for Android now allows users to create a new sharing view that makes it easier for them to keep track of the items that have been shared with them by their colleagues. In addition, the new update also allows users to lock the files using pin codes. Thanks to the OneDrive for Business support, users can now login to both their personal as well as business accounts at one time.

People with ‘Business’ plans will also be able to organize and open their documents, as well as save new files to the account. Besides that, the camera backup, a feature that automatically stores all your ‘clicked’ photos to the cloud has received some improvement as well. Support for storage access framework has also been added, making it easier than ever to open OneDrive files.

In case you missed it, Microsoft recently updated the OneDrive app for iOS to give the users an extra 15GB of storage space should they enable OneDrive’s auto-backup those feature; this feature is also present on Android and Windows Phone devices.

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