Microsoft reveals Forza 5 will eventually replace FIFA 14 in Xbox One Day One edition bundles

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Xbox One FIFA 14 bundle picture

The Xbox 360 was very successful being sold in the US, but lost to the PS3 in other countries. As a way to get better equal if not better Xbox One sales this time around, Microsoft decided on giving away a free copy of FIFA 14 with all Xbox One European pre-orders.

“All pre-orders for Xbox One this holiday will include a copy of FIFA 14 at no additional cost,” said Microsoft’s Phil Harrison at the time. This included “all pre-orders to date and while stocks last.”

But it looks like there may have been a miscommunication between Microsoft and the general public. It turns out, people will only be given FIFA 14 if they pre-order the Xbox One Day One Edition pre-orders. This was revealed on Twitter by Microsoft’s Social Marketing manager Graeme Boyd.

Microsoft confirmed this in a statement, “Due to unprecedented demand, the Xbox One Day One Edition with FIFA 14 is nearly sold out, but is still available at certain retailers.”

While Microsoft will eventually stop giving out FIFA 14, they have come up with a new bundle. Instead of FIFA 14, Microsoft will be giving away Forza Motorsport 5. The Microsoft spokesperson details that this Forza bundle will replace the previous bundle when it becomes out of stock.

Microsoft has been changing and updating Xbox One’s hardware, software, and policies recently due to the reactions by the gaming community. Have any of our readers pre-ordered the Xbox One Day One edition?

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