Microsoft updates Bing Weather app and Bing Sports app for Windows Phone 8

Bing Weather app for Windows Phone 8

The limelight may have been on Windows 8.1 today, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from rolling out some app update love for Windows Phone 8. Today, Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Bing Weather app and Bing Sports app for the Windows Phone 8 platform.

The Bing Weather app now showcases current snow and weather conditions at ski resorts across the globe. This updated app also shows weather history and additional metrics such as UV index. The Live Tiles have been revamped and now showcase current conditions, wind speed, and precipitation. The tile also showcases a 5-day forecast on the flip side. There is also lock screen support for weather updates.

The Bing Sports app now features 30 new sports including tennis, rugby, NASCAR, LPGA, and Champions League soccer. The updated app now lets you track sports and players that matter the most to you, resulting in a much more personal app experience. The app will also showcase leading teams and players on league and team pages.

Hit the download links below to snag the updated apps.

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