Microsoft updates Bing for mobile browsers


For those that use Microsoft’s Bing for Mobile browser service, you are in for a treat. Microsoft rolled out a few neat updates to its Bing for Mobile browser service which includes real-time public transportation updates for select cities and the inclusion of apps in results when searching on the iPhone.

As Computerworld reports, Microsoft rolled out a few new features for those that utilize the service. Unfortunately for Windows Phone 7 users, you wont get the update. Why you ask? The update includes services built usint HTML 5. Guess what? Windows Phone 7 currently has no HTML 5 support and wont have an update to fix this until later on this year.

The update is available for iPhone and Android users.

The update features a real-time public transportation update for cities like Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and Los Angeles. Users now have the ability to click on the bus icon, while visiting, in order to see how to take the bus or other public transportation to their destination. Users can also check the bus route and figure out their wait in real-time.

Microsoft also improved Image Search by making it faster and smoother and re-organized the shopping feature.

Unfortunately, Windows Phone 7 users are going to have to wait a tad bit longer to get this update on their phones.