Microsoft unveils new Kinect fitness dashboard on Xbox LIVE called Kinect PlayFit

Microsoft has unveiled a new Kinect fitness dashboard on Xbox LIVE called the Kinect PlayFit, which lets players track the calories they burn while having fun with the Kinect. This new dashboard adds a better experience to the “Kinect as a fitness tool” category.

Kinect PlayFit is available as a free download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The app will calculate and aggregate the calories you burn and allow you to track your progress over time. In fact, it will also rank you against friends and even allow you to earn Xbox achievements. This is a great way to motivate families to get off the couch and reward themselves for having fun. “We’re trying to show that Kinect is not only fun but healthy for you, too. Ultimately, Kinect PlayFit is a motivational tool. We want to motivate people to change their behavior and be more active,” Microsoft adds. The Kinect PlayFit is yet another attempt at Microsoft making the Xbox console more all-around entertainment-focused, rather than simply for gaming.

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