Microsoft unveils improved Office 365 Message Center

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Back in early 2013, Microsoft rolled out the latest iteration of Office, releasing it in both 2013 and 365 Home Premium flavors. While 2013 replaced the 2010 desktop version of the suite, so did 365 Home Premium, though in a slightly different manner.

Office 365 combines the best of both worlds – with a full desktop suite – but also enables access to the web version and even allows customers to install on up to five computers. Previously, the web-based Office had mainly been the domain of businesses.

Today, the Redmond-based company has added new features to the suite, specifically the Message Center, which was announced back on August 1st. The service is not for the average user, but instead geared towards IT professionals. The Office 365 team outlines the details of this update in an announcement today.

For starters,  the Message Center now gets improved visibility by being included as part of the service overview dashboard on the admin landing page (bear in mind this is for Enterprise customers only). Microsoft also lets it be known that it has enabled “the ability to send you messages that are targeted to your company. Previously, targeted messages were sent to your inbox but now, they will arrive in your Message Center thus centralizing all Office 365 related messaging as well as helping you manage your inbox.”

The devices and services giant promises more to come in the future, stating “we have big plans for Message Center including making urgent messages more visible and providing more detailed information on service updates. We will continue to keep you up to date on the latest capabilities via Message Center.” With that, Microsoft adds emphasis to this commitment. The service has made great strides already, reeling in major corporations and government entities.

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