Microsoft unveils Black Friday deals at the Microsoft Store

Microsoft unveils Black Friday deals

The holiday shopping season is racing headlong in our direction, and Black Friday deals are leaking left and right. The ads have become almost as a big a business as the sales day itself, with entire websites built around this one big shopping day. Microsoft, however, is stepping on the toes of those sites, already unveiling a list of it deals for November 29th, 2013.

While the product list is posted by the Redmond-based company, prices for products on the fateful day are not included. But, this is the internet, and very little remains secret. Now customers, like the NSA, will know the secrets in advance. Prices for all of the deals have been leaked, and are spreading across the web.

Want a new Surface RT (first generation) tablet? How about $199 for a 32 GB model, or $379 for the 64 GB version of the device? The Xbox 360, which will be yesterday’s console by Black Friday, gets a bit better treatment in storage disparity, with a 4 GB console available at $179, but a 250 GB version raises the price only $20. Several games and other bits of hardware also receive discounts — grab Call of Duty: Ghosts for only $39.99 on your 360 or $49.99 if you are a lucky Xbox One owner.

Laptops, headphones and more are all set and waiting for you on the big shopping day. Which deal do you plan to spend your hard-earned money on? Can you live with the Xbox 360 or Surface RT, even though both have been replaced with newer models? Are you looking to grab a game or a set earbuds to stuff in a stocking? How about a camouflaged game controller so your enemy can’t see you?

Head over to the VIA link below to check out the Microsoft Store Black Friday page.

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