Microsoft unifies Windows Phone Store and Windows Store developer registration

Windows Store

Microsoft has today announced that they are unifying the registration experience between both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, meaning developers can develop apps for both platforms under one Microsoft account. Windows 8 developers can submit apps in the Windows Phone Store, and Windows Phone developers can develop for Windows 8.

The blog post states, “I’m pleased to announce a unified registration experience for both Windows Store and Windows Phone developers, available at a lower cost. As a result of these changes, Windows Store developers are now also Windows Phone developers, and Windows Phone developers are also Windows Store developers.”

Developers will still use either the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store dashboard for their apps, but the main registration process has now unified to become one.

Recent rumors claimed that Microsoft was planning to merge both the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store together in an upcoming version of Windows. Today’s announcement seems to be the first step towards this merge, so things are looking up for app availability!

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