Microsoft Tweaks Bing’s Product Search


Microsoft has implemented a few new changes to its Bing Shopping search engine which now allows for a faster and easier product searching. Microsoft is looking to make it easier for shoppers to refine their searches and find what they are looking for.

As PCWorld reports, users can now filter Bing Shopping results according to product category, brand, and style. These new options will be available in a drop-down list below the search box as users type in what they are looking for.

Microsoft is hoping to make things easier for shoppers to find what they want and be able to filter out search results in an easier manner. Microsoft wants users to be able to refine search results before they execute a search query. Users can also search for products that have a reduced price as well as products from a specific store.

Users can also create multiple shopping lists and share them with a select group of contacts on Facebook.

These new features are available now.