Microsoft tweaks homepage, now features squared popular search term images

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Microsoft has updated the homepage yet again, in what appears to be a minor tweak to the bar that is shown at the bottom of the homepage. The bar at the bottom of the design highlights the popular search terms using neat little image squares and also shows off the popular Bing search terms to the right side of it.

As you can see from the image above, the new design features a bar at the bottom of the design which gives you quick access to popular terms, using littel square images adding a little bit more of an affect to the popular search term. Once the homepage loads, the bar slides up from the bottom. Compared to the image below (the previous design which many users are still seeing), this is obviously a nice little tweak to the site. This bar can also be minimized so you can see more of the homepage image.

Microsoft's Bing Team has yet to announce any official news on the change to the homepage, and we wont know if they ever plan on releasing an announcement as this could just be considered a minor tweak to the design. Either way, this little tweak looks nice. We've been able to see it on Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 only, as other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are not showing the new squared popular search term images. Are you able to see this new design when you visit

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