Microsoft trimming MVP program to focus on Developer and IT Pros

Microsoft is making some changes to its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) influencer program, reports ZDNet.

With the changes, MVPs from the Xbox, [email protected], Windows Experience, and Surface, among others - in other words, all who are not focused on Developer and IT Professionals - will be moved from the original MVP Awards program to new influencer programs managed by their related product teams. The Office team, however, will stay, as they are more focused on professional work.

"The MVP program started off as a consumer influencer program but has, over time, become more Developer and IT Professional focused. We are now formalizing this change by having the Xbox, [email protected], Bing Ads and Windows & Devices Award Categories supported directly by the product teams."

Microsoft's MVP program started in 1993, and has grown over the years to 4000 professionals in late 2015. The program awards the status to individuals with contributions toward helping others to use Microsoft technologies, either through online mediums or books and conferences. The new change will follow the one announced in October last year, when MVP categories for IT Pros and developers were reduced from 36 to 10.

There have also been reports about Microsoft's laying off some of its MVP staff in the U.S. and elsewhere, though a spokesperson has declined commenting on "rumors." There also hasn't yet been information on what the new consumer-focused influencer programs will be; we will update you once more info comes.


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