Microsoft Translator powers Foursquare’s tips and reviews translations

Traveling to new areas is both exciting and daunting all at the same time. Discovering new venues, attractions and sights to see is a wonderfully rewarding experience. Foursquare, a popular social app was built on this idea, by offering its users a huge database of recommendations and tips from other users, for restaurants, attractions and hidden gems from various locales around the globe, based on personal preference and tastes. Dropped down in Cape Town for the first time? Fire up Foursquare to see the local eateries and places to visit.

However, with this excitement can come a big obstacle, if there is a language barrier. How can one read recommendations on Foursquare, if they’ve been written in a language you don’t understand?

Enter Microsoft’s Translator API.

Foursquare, looking to expand the power and usability of its app, has now embedded Microsoft’s Translator directly into their service. With this new feature, users can get any recommendation read in their native language. This opens up Foursquare to an even larger customer base and offers its 75 million tips to everyone, regardless of the language spoken.

If you’re searching for the best tapas in Spain, simply search it through Foursquare and have those tips easily translated to your language. Having this ease of use and the power of Foursquare at your fingertips means your next foreign journey is bound to have more surprises to discover.

A few years back, Microsoft launched an application called Translator offering users a way to speak to anyone from any language, using their native tongue, text, or even pictures. Translator takes the language that you’re speaking or typing and translates it in real time to the language of the person you are communicating with. This effectively lifts the language barrier and allows anyone to communicate with anyone else, without needing to buy Rosetta Stone and learn a new language.

Microsoft is continually updating its included languages, voice features and has even offered this with their own Skype service. Microsoft has since offered the power of this API to any developer wanting to implement this into their application or service.

If you haven’t tried out Foursquare, be sure to download it, search some recommendations, and try out these new language features.

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