Microsoft Translator picks up Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian

Microsoft Translator picks up Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian

Technology can unlock worlds through tools like video conferencing, virtual exploration, and translation. Microsoft Translator can break down language barriers between people who aren't able to understand each other, and today the translation service can translate between 50 different languages from all over the world. African, European, Asian, and American languages can be translated via text, voice, or images, and the translation engine can also be integrated into third party apps via an API.

Official Microsoft Translator apps are available on Windows 8, Windows Phone, Skype, Office, the Web, Android and iOS. Language translation was one step which enabled Microsoft to live translate a Skype call between two individuals speaking different languages. The new languages supported now are  Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. These languages are similar to other languages already supported but are unique in their own different ways. These countries are located close together in Eastern Europe and can now communicate easier and more clearly with the Microsoft Translator.

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