Microsoft Translator gets Levantine Arabic as a new speech translation language

Microsoft today announced the addition of Levantine Arabic as a new speech translation language in Microsoft Translator. With the support, users can expect to further cross the language barrier and better complete their business, education, travel, and more.

Levantine Arabic is rarely written down and is primarily spoken by 32 million people in many Muslim countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. You can now expect to see Levantine Arabic being supported as a speech translation language in the Microsoft Translator app, Presentation Translator for PowerPoint, and the Skype Translator feature in Skype for Windows 10.

The addition of Levantine now brings the total number of supported Microsoft Translator speech languages up to 11. Other Microsoft products including the unified Speech translation service, an Azure Cognitive Service will also now support Levantine.

You can learn more about Microsoft Translator by checking here. Previous languages added to Microsoft Translator include Vietnamese and Tamil.

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