Microsoft Translator app updates on iOS with improved accessibility and Apple Watch support

Brad Stephenson

iPhone with Microsoft apps

The Microsoft Translator app updated today for Apple’s iOS devices. This latest update brings the app to Version 3.2.12 and adds extra labelling and improved localization for screenreader and better support for the app when displaying in landscape mode.

This update also improves functionality for all Apple Watch models by fixing a bug that was affecting the app on Apple Watches with bigger screens.

Here’s the full release notes:

Improvements for visual accessibility: additional labeling, localization and support for screenreader.

Improved support for landscape mode in the conversation feature, translation history, phrasebook, and settings.

Resolved bug for language selection on larger sizes of the Apple Watch.

Microsoft Translator is a free app created by Microsoft that can translate up to 60 languages typed into the app, recorded on a device’s microphone, or shot using a device’s camera. The app also supports translations of group conversations and also features a variety of phrasebooks built-in.

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