Microsoft Translator for Android updated with landscape tablet support

We live in a world that has torn down the barriers between regions and countries – the only thing left separating people from each other is language. In an effort to break down this language barrier, Microsoft has made Microsoft Translator, an app that can run on your phone or smartwatch, available on Google Play. Today, that app gets a small update to improve the quality of life for users who were a little bit frustrated by its inability to run in landscape mode on Android tablets.

Here’s the change log:

• Now available on Android tablets in portrait and landscape mode!
• Bug fixes
Yes, it’s not the most exciting changelog ever – but it’s a noticeable change for people who tend to shift the positions of their Android tablets and would like their apps to follow suit. When packaged with the very welcome array of bug fixes (the app’s reviews mention quite a few bugs) this update to Microsoft Translator is more than welcome.
Microsoft Translator
Microsoft Translator
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