Microsoft Translator adds text support for Kiswahili

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Microsoft has taken to their blog to announce the introduction of Kiswahili language to its Translator repertoire.
All versions of Microsoft Translator on supported platforms will have immediate access to the new language. Kiswahili will also be available throughout the Translator-integrated range of communication and productivity software by Microsoft including the Office Suite, SharePoint, Yammer, Cortana and Skype for Windows. Note that you may have to update the Windows 10 app to see the language.

How to say "How are you?" in Kiswahili?
How to say “How are you?” in Kiswahili.

Also known as Swahili, the language is spoken predominantly in East Africa by up to 150 million people in countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This marks the first African language to be supported by Microsoft’s translation service, and its inclusion will no doubt be beneficial to both local governments, especially ones who are using Microsoft’s solutions, and to foreign business owners planning to expand to the area. Tourists to the region who relies on these software for cross-culture communication should be also be well-served.
The translation was developed in collaboration with NGO Translators without Borders (also the people who brought Klingon among other languages to the platform), using Microsoft Translator Hub.

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