Microsoft trains store staff to sell WP7 phones

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Sep 7th, 2011 inNews

Microsoft is apparently investing millions of dollars by training sales staff at various mobile phone companies around the world, just so they can properly sell Windows Phone 7 devices.

“This is a completely new platform, it takes time. It took time with Android, it took time with Apple. We have to show that we’re very capable and that we have the fastest and easiest phone,” Achim Berg, Microsoft’s head of Windows Phone marketing, stated.

HTC, among other companies, will join Microsoft in training hundreds of salesmen around the world to better “demonstrate the product.” Microsoft is looking to boost its sales with female customers and young/first-time users to win the market.

It only makes sense that this investment on training is a ploy to increase Windows Phone 7 sales. According to Gartner, Android will continue being the largest smartphone market share for the next four years by climbing from 23% to 49%, while iOS will go from 16% to 17%, and Windows Phone will go from 4.2% to 19.5% by 2015. Microsoft hopes to have this number with this training it is providing. By training staff on how to properly use the operating system, one can sell the device at a higher rate. Microsoft also hopes that its upcoming Mango update will make an impact.

Recently, we got to see a nice demonstration of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update, that is slated to bring over 500 new features to the platform, and hopefully turn things around for the ill-fated platform.

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