Microsoft trademarks Direct Reality ahead of E3

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Microsoft has filed a trademark application related to gaming called, Direct Reality. References to video game software, software for holographic applications, and online game software are all mentioned in the filing however it's unclear exactly what this Direct Reality is or does.

Companies file patents for names and concepts all of the time and doing so doesn't necessarily mean that much will come of them. Microsoft is focusing a lot on augmented and virtual reality on Windows 10 and (to a lesser degree) the Xbox One so this filing isn't completely random.

Microsoft is holding a presentation in a few days' time at E3 where they will properly unveil Project Scorpio, a significantly more powerful Xbox One video game console. While Scorpio will support virtual reality, Microsoft has already stated that that won't be the focus of their presentation which many expect to revolve around the Project Scorpio hardware, its final name, and the Xbox One games that support it.

What do you think Direct Reality means? Let us know in the comments below.

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