Microsoft trademark filing reveals ‘LXP’ is an in-house games developer


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Microsoft trademark filing reveals LXP is in-house games developer

Earlier in the month Microsoft filed a trademark application for the name LXP, although the listing revealed very little: “The mark consists of the letters “LXP” superimposed over an image of an astronaut.” It seem as though the trademark is for an in-house games developer for Microsoft which, although it has existed for some time, has only just been assigned an official name.

Over on NeoGAF, a forum poster was able to establish a link between the LXP trademark listing and a London design firm called Territory Studio, and the company’s website reveals that it was tasked with creating an image for the team.

“Leap Experience Pioneers (LXP) are an in-house games developer for Microsoft based in the US. Although they had been in existence for some years they thought it was the right time to define their identity. Something that all parts of their business could relate to, but more importantly, be inspired by. They considered themselves pioneers (as their name suggests) and wanted to encapsulate the the spirit of fronteering Americans – combining a cowboy with an astronaut with attitude. We then set about creating some short animated logo stings and brand guideline document.”

At the moment there are no further details about the projects the developers are working on, and Microsoft is yet to release a statement about them. Should anything else emerge, we’ll be sure to bring you up to speed.

In the meantime, take a look of the Territory Studio website where you can check out not only variations on the astronaut logo, but also a cool animation which is likely to appear in the title sequence of any games produced.