Microsoft touts Windows 8 as business friendly, allows you to be productive too

During CeBIT 2012, Microsoft went over why Windows 8 will be business friendly. Not only does the operating system allow business users to have the convenience of Windows 8’s new features, but also allow for the business users to be productive as well.

“I hear a lot of people say they feel they have to choose between the productivity of a PC and the convenience of a tablet. Our goal is to offer a “no compromise” solution so you don’t have to choose between productivity and convenience,” Microsoft adds. Because of the new Metro interface, Microsoft believes that users can get an experience built for touch that also “works beautifully” with a mouse and a keyboard.

Microsoft also touted a new feature that will be in Windows 8 called Windows To Go. This feature allows for a fully managed corporate Windows 8 from an external USB drive. Business users can boot from any PC available at work or home to have a secure corporate PC, from your pocket.

Windows 8 also offers business users several new security features, no matter the work location. “With features like Trusted Boot, Measured Boot Process, BitLocker Drive Encryption, AppLocker, and claim-based access control, Windows 8 delivers end-to-end security like never before,” Microsoft adds.

Windows 8’s new virtualization capabilities also includes high-definition graphics that are fully responsive to touch, along with high performance and support for local USB devices.

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