Microsoft touts “great built-in apps” as another reason to upgrade to Windows 10

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Jul 26th, 2015 inNews

Microsoft touts "great built-in apps" as another reason to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft’s “10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10” video series has just pushed out a new video showcasing built-in apps. In this video, Microsoft is touting a “collection of great built-in apps” like Photos, Music (Groove), Maps, and Movies & TV as a reason you should upgrade to Windows 10. The operating system is set for release in just a few days and Microsoft is pushing the ability to sync your media across devices as a selling point.

“Take a peek at the great built-in apps like Photos, Maps, Music, and Movies & TV on Windows 10. This family of apps shares an elegant look and feel that works consistently across your PCs, tablets and phones, conveniently synced with OneDrive so you can do your thing anywhere,” the video description reads. You can watch the video below.

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