Microsoft touts Cyber resiliency in new white paper

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As the world continues to become ever more connected, Microsoft is looking to help city leaders become 'cyber resilient' in the wake of recent cyber threats.

Yesterday, Microsoft offered guidance that it hopes city planners will take into account as they build out strategies for various crisis scenarios.

In a white paper by the name of Cyber resilience: Digitally empowering cities," Microsoft lays out five steps to planning for all threats, especially those of a cyber nature while also prioritizing the key factors to most successful responses to threats.

  • Readiness. To plan for long-term readiness, you must identify assets, assess and manage infrastructure risk, develop capabilities to respond to and recover from disruptions, and invest in research, education and practices that contribute to long-term cyber resilience goals.
  • Response. Using the plans and strategies set in place during the readiness phase, resilient entities continue to function during a crisis and regain functionality quickly. A resilient response is also adaptive and flexible. If a city is unable to adapt to unknown variables that may not have been part of its readiness preparation, it will not be able to regain functionality quickly. The responsiveness of a city to a crisis directly impacts and influences the reinvention phase.
  • Reinvention. Learning from and improving on existing plans and strategies is essential to cyber resilience. After the crisis has passed, evaluation is key: Identifying what was effective and where the response was problematic; developing a plan for improvement; and then implementing that plan. It is important to think beyond short-term gains, and to constantly look to the vision of the city’s resilience for ways to reinvent its approach and innovate.

Microsoft isn't the only company touting the benefits of being cyber resilient, but with their expansive cyber footprint, their tips and tricks may hold weight with city planners in the future.

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