Microsoft to release first Windows 11 Insider build next week, but there's a catch

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Microsoft has officially revealed Windows 11 earlier today, and the next-gen version of Windows will be a free upgrade for Windows 10 this holiday season. The first Windows 11 Insider build will also be released next week for Windows Insiders, though the Windows Insider team explained today that not all Insiders will be able to install it.

If you’re already running Windows 10 Insider builds on a PC that is meeting the Windows 11 hardware requirements, you’ll be eligible for Windows 11 Insider Preview builds. This will apply to existing Dev and Beta channels Insiders while existing and new Insiders on the Release Preview channel will be offered Windows 11 preview builds later this year.

"In preparation for releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview builds to the Beta Channel later this summer, we are moving PCs that do not meet the hardware requirements for Windows 11 in the Beta Channel to the Release Preview Channel. Some of these PCs may be able to move back to the Beta Channel, but at their own risk," the Windows Insider team explained.

This chart will help you understand your pc’s eligibility for windows 11 insider preview builds.

If you’re already on the Dev Channel with a PC that’s not meeting the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11 or the Windows Insider Program, you’ll still be eligible for Windows 11 Insider builds, though the team says that some features may not work properly. For PCs that already running Dev Channel builds without meeting the minimum hardware requirements for the Windows Insider program, Windows 11 preview builds will only be available until the OS becomes generally available later this fall.

"We realize this is a bit of a change, but this will ensure Windows Insiders have the best possible experience with Windows 11 Insider Preview builds on their PCs,” the Windows Insider team said today. Windows 11 does have some strict hardware requirements, as the OS will only work on PCs with 64-bit processors, a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0, and a DirectX 12 compatible GPU. If you purchased a PC before Windows 10 was released, there’s a good chance that it won’t be compatible with Windows 11.

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