Microsoft To Do will be able to share personal lists with work accounts in September

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Two months ago, we reported that Microsoft To Do would soon allow users to share lists between personal Microsoft accounts and Office 365 work accounts. The company started rolling out this feature in June before pausing it to incorporate user feedback.

In a recent update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the software giant indicated that it’s moving forward with List Sharing and expects to feature to be generally available in Microsoft To Do in September. It’s important to note that Microsoft To Do will only support sharing lists from personal to work accounts, and not the other way around. In a similar manner, users won’t be able to share lists from a work account with someone from another organization.

List sharing should be a convenient feature for To Do addicts using the task manager with both their personal and work accounts. However, the app still doesn't allow users to view all tasks from multiple accounts at a glance without having to switch accounts in settings. If you'd like this to change, we invite you to vote for this feature suggestion in the dedicated Uservoice website.

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