Microsoft To Do updates on iOS with UI changes, better Russian support, and Intune fixes

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft To-Do app logo.

Microsoft’s To Do app updated on iOS today with a variety of improvements, fixes, and changes to the way the app is used.
Interestingly, the app listing is showing different release notes for Version 2.3 on the web version of Apple’s App Store and within the App Store app itself.

Here’s the release notes from the web listing:

  • If you view your tasks in Russian then you’ll be pleased to know that we fixed the layout in Preferences.
  • We were showing the context menu when you right-clicked on a list header, but we’ve disabled that now. Right-click on a task and you’ll see all your task options still.
  • If you created a group via the context menu it would sometimes disappear to the bottom of the list menu and you wouldn’t notice that it had been created. Now we’ll scroll straight to the list group so you can start adding your lists.
  • We fixed a display issue in suggestions for right-to-left languages.

Here’s the release notes from the app listing:

In this update we made a few minor design improvements:

  • If you use Intune then you may have been experiencing crashes on To Do. We’ve fixed that now so the two will work well together again.
  • If you were editing a list and then navigated away from the list the wrong list title would be edited… which was just confusing, so we fixed it.
  • We fixed a few issues with swiping.

Microsoft updates their To Do app on a very regular basis. Recent app updates have added dark mode and a variety of other features and settings which have added extra functionality.

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