Microsoft To Do now supports list sharing from personal accounts to work accounts

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft To Do

Last year, we reported that Microsoft To Do would soon support list sharing between personal and work accounts. The company began rolling out this update back in June 2020 before pausing it to incorporate user feedback. In a blog post today, the software giant has announced that the feature is now generally available in the Microsoft To Do app.

“List sharing in To Do was originally restricted to sharing between personal accounts and sharing between work (or school) accounts within the same organization. However, many of you wanted to be able to share between personal and work accounts. We listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce that you can now share lists from personal accounts to work accounts in Microsoft To Do,” the company explained.

Microsoft To Do already supports list sharing between personal Microsoft accounts and work or education accounts within an organization. With this update, users will now be able to share lists between their personal Microsoft accounts and Office 365 work accounts. Keep in mind that the feature doesn’t work the other way around, and there is no way for enterprise users to share their lists with external personal accounts.

It’s a feature that To Do users have been requesting for a while now, and it has remained the most-requested feature for Microsoft To Do on the UserVoice forum for around two years. List sharing should help to improve user workflow and eliminate the need to switch back and forth between the lists for personal/work accounts.

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