Microsoft To Do gets an update on iOS and Android smart devices with bug fixes for both

Brad Stephenson

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Microsoft’s free To Do app received updates for Apple’s iOS devices and Android smartphones and tablets today.

The iOS update brings Microsoft To Do up to Version 2.12 and mostly contains fixes and improvements for features ranging from crashes to VoiceOver.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • We fixed a crash that could pop up when you switched between To Do and another app.
  • Sometimes your deleted due dates or recurrence options would pop back into the app when you relaunched it. We’ve made sure that they’re gone for good now.
  • We made a lot of accessibility fixes, including not cutting off the text when you hit the share button and you have a larger text size.
  • We also made some VoiceOver improvements.
  • The Android update makes several design improvements to the UI that improve usability and accessibility.

Here’s the release notes for the Android app update:

  • Not seeing enough Suggestions in My Day? We’ve added a “Load more” button to expand your options.
  • We’ve improved the design when you add a task.
  • The sections within your Flagged Email list have had a slight name change to make the sections clearer.
  • You can now press the back key to exit the app on your tablet.
  • We made a lot of accessibility improvements, including updating colors to ensure a higher contrast ratio.

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