Microsoft To Do gets a variety of bug fixes with latest iOS and Android app updates

Brad Stephenson

The iOS and Android versions of the Microsoft To Do app both updated today on their respective devices.

Each version of the app received a significant number of improvements and big fixes that are designed to fix annoying glitches and improve usability while the iOS version made a change to how snooze actions are handled, making them more device specific instead of related to an account.

Here’s the release notes for the iOS To Do app update:

  • We have made a couple of bug fixes for you in this release:
  • We’ve improved the way we handle snooze for reminders. Now, your snooze time will be specific to the device you’ve snoozed rather than syncing to other devices.
  • You may have noticed that we double-booked you to complete your weekly tasks two days in a row. That’s now fixed so your tasks set to repeat weekly will show up only on their selected day.

Here’s the Android release notes:

  • We’ve added the option to add new tasks to the top. Choose your preference in settings.
  • We now scale the Suggestions button if you’re using a large font size.
  • We fixed scrolling issues when you edited a long note.
  • If you delete a task on your tablet, we’ll now close the detail view.
  • We made many other small fixes and improvements.

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