Microsoft To-Do app updates with new features across Windows 10, iOS, and Android

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Microsoft's To-Do productivity app updated across Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices today with a variety of different new features added and changes made to each.

Of particular note is the addition of new emoji on the Windows 10 app, a new fullscreen menu on the iOS version, and new rich entry functionality being added to the Android Microsoft To-Do app.

Here's all of the release notes:

Windows 10

  • We’ve added new emojis to our emoji picker
  • And if your emojification needs require an even larger emoji selection, you can simply press the Windows key + . to open the Windows emoji keyboard.
  • Have you tried using Microsoft To-Do with Cortana? Just add your Outlook or Office 365 account as a connected service to Cortana and you can ask Cortana to add new reminders and tasks.


  • With this update, we’ve souped up the sidebar, which is now fullscreen on iPhone.
  • You can also swipe to leave or delete a list directly from the sidebar on both iPhone and iPad.


  • Introducing file attachments! Now you can attach any photo from your phone to a task on a personal list.
  • Add a task easily with our new To-Do tile (Android 8.0+) in the notification bar.
  • Add due dates, reminder & recurrence when you create a task with our rich entry bar.
  • If you have a small screen & big device font size, then we no longer cut off list names.
  • Bug fixes, including accessibility fixes.

Do you use Microsoft To-Do on your device? Let us know which version you access the most in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest for more Microsoft app content.

Microsoft to do: lists, tasks & reminders
Microsoft to do: lists, tasks & reminders
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Free
‎microsoft to do
‎microsoft to do
Price: Free

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