Microsoft To Do app updates on iOS and Android with new functionality and fixes -
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Microsoft To Do app updates on iOS and Android with new functionality and fixes

Microsoft’s popular To Do app updated on both Android and iOS smart devices today with a variety of bug fixes and some new features.

The iOS update brings the app to Version 2.8 makes some adjustments to the My Day feature, improves the functionality of the smart due dates, and adds improved localization support for Siri shortcuts and support.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • We’ve changed the look of Suggestions in My Day and revamped the sections.
  • If you’ve been using our smart due dates (try typing “tomorrow” when you add a task) then you may have noticed that the due date text didn’t then disappear from your task. We’ll now delete it for you.
  • We’ve improved your Siri shortcuts experience by introducing Siri donations, and also improving localization.
  • On Japanese devices the support option was missing in Settings. Sorry about that. If you have a problem do get in touch with us now.
  • We fixed an accessibility issue where the voiceover was not announcing available actions on uploaded files in the detail view.

The Android update for Microsoft To Do makes it easier to manage notifications and improves some of the app’s animations.

Here’s the full release notes for the Android update:

  • Importing your lists from Wunderlist? We’ll now highlight the lists that were shared in Wunderlist and prompt you to reshare them in To Do.
  • You can now turn off notifications for shared lists directly in our To Do settings. If those shared holiday shopping lists are getting a little too noisy, just head to settings and toggle shared list activity off.
  • We’ve added a bit of polish to our animations and cleared out a few bugs.

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