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Microsoft just announced a huge shakeup to the Windows org, and with that it almost goes without saying a shakeup to just about the entire company. CEO Satya Nadella laid out the changes in a letter to employees, but to make things a bit clearer we’ve parsed his words into a rough org chart so that you can follow along at home.

In this new org, Windows becomes not an overarching umbrella covering a wide range of products, but a cog in a bigger wheel, falling under Rajesh Jha’s Experiences and Devices team. The org looks something like this, according to the memo:

  • Experiences and Devices, led by Rajesh Jha
    • Devices – Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer
    • Windows, led by Joe Belfiore
    • New Experiences and Technology, led by Kudo Tsunoda
    • Enterprise Mobility and Management, led by Brad Anderson
  • Cloud + AI Platform, led by Scott Guthrie
    • Azure, led by Jason Zander
    • Business Applications Group, led by James Phillips
    • Universal Store and Commerce Platform, led by Eric Lockard
    • AI Perception & Mixed Reality, a new team led by Alex Kipman
    • AI Cognitive Services and Platform, led by Eric Boyd
  • AI + Research, led by Harry Shum

In looking at this new structure, a couple of things beyond the obvious shakeup of the Windows org pop out. First, in what could be looked at as a newfound love of AI, or just another typical Microsoft redundancy, AI appears in two engineering groups. How these teams will work together on the coming focus on AI will be a balancing act, but maybe it’s too big of a platform for just one team.

Next, and a bit lost in the bombshells of Myerson and Gurdeep Singh Pall’s ouster and the overall shakeup, is the elevation of the Universal Store to a much loftier position in the company. Having the Store platform sit in Cloud + AI Platform under Scott Guthrie, instead of in Windows/Xbox/who knows where, should lead to a more unified Store experience, one that may be far more forward looking than just crappy apps on the Microsoft Store, and for that we’re grateful.

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