Microsoft testing Windows Phone SMS bug fix that disables device

Microsoft has today confirmed that they have found the root cause of a bug in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango which can disable Windows Phone devices, and that they are currently testing a fix to solve the problem.

The bug was first discovered by Khaled Salameh, earlier this month, who today said that Microsoft has tweeted him saying "MS Security Team contacted me today, they’ve confirmed the WP7 SMS Bug and found the root cause, a fix is currently under testing."

The bug, if exploited could open up a Windows Phone device to an SMS-based attack and disrupt the phone.

Currently, there has been no details about how the bug actually works to disable a Windows Phone, and doesn't currently affect security features.

There is currently no details on when the fix will be available, we expect the fix to be available pretty soon, either by an over-the-air update or via Zune on your computer.

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