Microsoft Testing Smooth Scrolling in Edge Canary
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Microsoft Edge Canary tests smoother scrolling feature

Microsoft is testing a smooth scrolling feature in the Canary version of Microsoft Edge. Currently hidden behind a flag, the feature works as the name suggests, boosting the web browsing experience on displays that support variable refresh rates (via Neowin/Reddit.)

According to the flag listing in Edge Canary, toggling this feature on will allow Windows to temporarily boost the refresh rates of a display when scrolling. That is, of course, if the display supports a variable refresh rate, and has the driver. Usually, only displays that are AMD Freesync or Nvidia G-Sync support the technology. On these displays, scrolling up and down in Edge should feel a lot more fluent thanks to smooth scrolling.

Microsoft Edge Canary tests smoother scrolling feature - - January 8, 2022

If you want to try this out for yourself, visit Edge://Flags and search for refresh-rate-boost-on-scroll. You can then toggle it to "enabled." Reaction to the feature has been positive, and it seems as though the community thinks it's a welcomed change. We'll have to wait and see if Microsoft makes an official announcement when it rolls out to Edge Dev, and eventually the regular version of Microsoft Edge.

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