Microsoft is testing a new way of resizing tiles on Windows 10 Mobile (Updated: Fake)

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Windows 10 Mobile

Update: Looks like WMPU did some digging and figured out the video is fake. Original story follows.

Microsoft is finishing up Windows 10 for desktops, and is about to turn their focus over to Windows 10 Mobile, which up until recently was super buggy and slow. Internally, the company is testing a number of prototype features, most of which are inspired by the feedback Windows Insiders are submitting via the mobile Feedback app. One feature which we were recently shown involved the way users resized tiles.

In the video which was sent to us, resizing tiles on the Start Screen works much like resizing a window does on the desktop, all you do is drag the tile by its corner. We’re told that this feature is in early alpha stages, and may not even make it into the final product due to it being only a prototype feature, a proof-of-concept if you will. The feature will allow users to easily resize tiles, up to the largest tile size (4×4 — which too is still in testing).  We’re told this prototype feature is from an internal development branch and is running on a prototype 7″ device.

In the video you’ll notice that the tile gets resized into a super long tile, as well as a number of other odd sizes, we understand that this is simply a bug with the early code, and if this feature ever makes it to public builds, will work with the normal tile sizes. We’re told that internally, this new method of tile resizing is not popular among employees, so that obviously throws the entirety of this features future into doubt. Of course, everything seen in the video and the image above is pre-release software, UI elements, etc. do no represent the final product.

Again, this feature is in very early stages and at this point could go any which way, who knows. So what do you think about this interesting way or tile resizing? Would you prefer this new method or should Microsoft stick with the traditional way of tile resizing?

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