Microsoft tempting its Chinese factory employees with a free Lumia 630 for quitting

Lumia 635

Microsoft has started tempting Chinese factor workers who help build devices like the Lumia 630 to quit by offering them a… Lumia 630. It’s common for companies to offer value packs when quitting, but uncommon for that value pack to contain the very product you help build at work.

The temptation offer rises from the 4,700 jobs Microsoft has cut back at the Beijing factor in China. The cut backs haven’t faired well with the Chinese workers, who recently began protesting the decision. The idea of offering the workers a free Lumia 630 could help ease the backlash, but not by much.

The offer is only for the first 300 people who quit per day, meaning not every is able to get one if they quit too early in the day. The email was sent out to employees recently, so they are fully away of the offer they have at hand. We’ll keep you updated on the current ongoing in China here at WinBeta, so stick around.

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