Microsoft is temporarily suspending Windows 10 Insider builds as it prepares for RTM

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Well, it looks like all good things must come to an end, well, sort of. Just a little while ago, Windows General Manager of OSG Data and Fundamentals, Gabe Aul has put Insiders on notice via his Twitter account. According to the tweet, Gabe is warning of an “Important” update about PC builds for Windows Insiders.

Windows Insiders on the latest builds have nothing to worry about as far as the stability or feature set of the builds. Instead, Gabe is alerting Insiders that due to the upcoming release of Windows 10, the Windows 10 Insider build well will be drying up for the time being. Specifically, “We’re suspending the availability of Windows 10 builds briefly while we prepare for that, and the next build that we flight to you will be delivered using the production channels. Starting tomorrow, we will also not be delivering any additional ISOs at this point as we really need Insiders to be using, stressing, and validating our distribution and upgrade processes.”

Specifically, this means that in the next 24hrs:

  • Builds 10162 and 10166 will no longer be offered over Windows Update, and whatever build you’re on will show as “up to date” if you check for new builds.
  • ISOs for build 10162 will be taken down from the site, and prerelease keys will no longer activate builds.

The suspension of builds was to be expected at some point. However, as build 10166 still has few outstanding odds and ends to be wrapped up for Insiders, this news seems a bit abrupt. Gabe continues in the blog post, that when new builds are available, he’ll be heading to his trusted Insider Hub and Twitter account to let Insiders know. For now, it looks like insiders are stuck on PC build 10166 until a finalized Windows 10 experience is available to all on July 29th.

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