Microsoft TechRewards program for developers is closing soon

Email Twitter: @baxiabhishek Oct 6th, 2016 inNews

Microsoft has put up a notice on Microsoft TechRewards site informing the community that the program will be closed as of January 6, 2017. All current Challenges have been completed and removed from the site and Points (PTS), Experience Points (XP), and Badges are no longer being awarded.

Microsoft TechRewards was a program to help developers to hone their skills, deepen their understanding of Microsoft technologies, and build successful apps and solutions. With gamification built in, developers could earn badges, experience points, and redeemable points by completing quizzes, activities, and challenges. These points could be redeemed for fresh products.

As the program is coming to a close, users need to redeem their points from the Rewards Catalogue no later than January 6, 2017. Also, they can export their Microsoft TechRewards badges into their social accounts no later than that date. After January 6, all program account and user information will be safely deleted from the company’s servers according to Microsoft privacy rules.

The program, first piloted in the US and Canada in 2012, was launched globally by Nokia as DVLUP in 2013. The initiative focused on Windows Phone developers using gamification to boost app discoverability and success. Last year, DVLUP was rechristened as Microsoft TechRewards with deeper integration with MSDN and other Microsoft Developer resources and learning content.

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