Microsoft technology to enhance prenatal care in Africa via WinSenga Windows phone app

Technology is awesome, impacting our lives in so many ways. But beyond helping us tweet about our breakfast and take funny meme pictures via Instagram, technology can have a far more meaningful impact. Take the use of Microsoft's Windows Phone in developing a solution to help reduce prenatal deaths in Africa.

Check out the video:

WinSenga, an app running on Windows Phone that monitors a baby's heartbeat when paired with a portable ultrasound device, aims to provide for a more affordable way to improve the health of both mothers and children.

When college student, Joshua Okello, saw his African community struggling to keep mothers and babies healthy through pregnancy he knew he had to do something. In an effort to help save lives, Joshua and his team developed WinSenga, a portable and affordable electronic fetal heart rate monitor that plugs into a mobile phone and is operated using an app. By using WinSenga, doctors and midwives will be able to more accurately monitor and track the health of both baby and mother during pregnancy.

Joshua says, “We are not trying to re-invent the wheel, rather modifying existing technologies to solve age-old problems.” Thanks to the power of Windows Phone, ultrasound technology is no longer limited to a hospital setting. Midwives and mothers everywhere will be able to better detect complications early with the help of WinSenga, allowing for treatment before pregnancies become high-risk.

We're always excited to see Microsoft's technology used in new and innovative ways. We certainly feel this one qualifies.

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