Microsoft teases us with Windows 10 virtual desktops before January 21 event

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Microsoft teases us with windows 10 virtual desktops before january 21 event

Microsoft’s January 21 event is fast approaching, and we are extremely excited to see what Microsoft has planned for the future of both Windows 10 and Windows 10 for phones. In a recent tweet, Microsoft teased Windows 10’s ability to handle multiple desktops on a single device – saying that more is coming 1.21.15.

The tweet doesn’t give out any additional information, but does tease us with one of Windows 10’s most popular new features. Multiple desktops allow users to open a number of “virtual desktops” and spread their work out amongst them all – imagine them as virtual monitors you can flip between. We recently wrote an article on the feature and how it can shape the upcoming future, check that out here.

In the meantime, we are all waiting patiently for the big January 21 announcement. Be sure to read our top wish list for the big event, and stay tuned to WinBeta for the latest news, as we will be live blogging the event!

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