Microsoft teases the ‘selfie phone’ Lumia 730, to launch it on September 4

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Microsoft teases the 'selfie phone' Lumia 730 in a new teaser, to launch it on September 4

The Lumia 730, aka the selfie phone, which has been doing rounds on the Web for quite some time, now is finally official. Microsoft has taken the wraps off the Lumia 730 in a teaser. The company has announced that it will launch the smartphone at the IFA show in Berlin on September 4.

The Lumia 730 is the successor of Microsoft’s the Lumia 720. The 4.7-inch phone is pegged to sport a 5MP front facing camera. What’s interesting is that we have also seen some images of the Lumia 735. The devices are said to carry a quad-core Snapdragon processor coupled with a gig of RAM. We believe that the company will launch both the smartphones at the event.

Additionally, Microsoft is also expected to launch the Lumia 830, aka “the Tesla phone” at the event. The company is calling it “an affordable flagship” which brings the PureView camera to the device. Are you excited about the ‘Selfie’ and the ‘Tesla’ Lumia  smartphones?

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