Microsoft teases everyone with ‘Microtropolis’, a city brought to life through Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8 only a short time away, Microsoft has begun to advertise the new operating system in odd ways. A new video and website has launched and claims to bring a city to life through Windows 8 and Surface. What could this be?

According to the website, this takes place October 26th (the release date of Windows 8) until November 3rd at the Hudson River Parks in New York. There are no details as to what this event is about or what it will consist of. Could it be yet another publicity stunt for consumers to play with a Windows 8 powered device, including a Surface tablet? “Inspired by Manhattan, we have created a stylized one hundred and sixty foot version of NYC in an art installation we are calling Microtropolis. Microtropolis is Manhattan experienced through Windows. It creates the ultimate hands-on demonstration of Windows 8, with the city of NYC as the backdrop,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Yep, another cool way to try out Windows 8.

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