Microsoft Teams will soon get updated floating call controls on mobile

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams Floating Call Controls

Microsoft announced this week in a Microsoft 365 Admin Center message that it’s making changes to the way floating call controls work in Microsoft Teams mobile apps. The enhancements to call controls in Teams meetings will be introduced to ensure that they will always remain visible on mobile devices. The company explained that this change will begin rolling out in late September.

Typically, when you start a Teams meeting, the app displays call controls with quick options to mute/unmute audio or video feeds, and those options are always the same. However, based on the company’s screenshots, the new floating call controls experience should make it easier for users to access key controls. When the update goes live, it will remove the ability to dismiss floating call controls by tapping on the screen.

Floating controls on a phone
Floating controls on a phone

As it turns out, the functionality has been designed to keep the docked controls out of the way of the content and video that’s being shared. As usual, this will be a gradual rollout, though, and the new experience is expected to be generally available by the end of October.

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