Microsoft Teams users can now react to messages with 6 different emojis

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If you're using Microsoft Teams today, you may have noticed that it's now possible to use six different emojis to react to messages from your teammates. Previously, you could only use a like/thumbs up to react to messages, but now you can use more emojis to express surprise, love, sadness, or angst. These new reactions are now available on desktop and mobile, and they should make the team collaboration a little more fun to use.

Microsoft teams users can now react to messages with 6 different emojis - onmsft. Com - june 13, 2019

As you may know, Microsoft's Skype app has a similar feature that lets you different emojis to react to messages, and other messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or Apple's iMessage also support Message reactions. It's also worth noting that Microsoft Teams actually uses the Skype emojis across all platforms, which are animated and still look pretty good after all these years.

Have you also noticed these new reactions in Microsoft Teams, and do you think this is a cool addition? Let us know in the comments below.

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