Microsoft Teams’ user experience enhanced with zero-install link unfurling capabilities

Kevin Okemwa


According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, there’s a new feature, zero-install link unfurling, tagged 98723 coming to Teams. The feature is designed to provide users with a seamless experience that will enhance their productivity while using Teams.

Many people use Teams to communicate and exchange information, and a huge part of this is done through links. While it is easy to copy and paste these links, navigating through multiple platforms to access this information can be quite tedious. But this is about to change courtesy of the zero-install link unfurling feature which is expected to start rolling out anytime now and is expected to reach general availability in November.

With the zero-install link unfurling, users will be able to get an overview of the app link in Teams before clicking on it. The overview will show the value and skills right in the flow of conversation. At this point, the users can decide whether they want to install the application or just use it within the flow of the conversation.

Image MicrosoftTeams image 7

However, the feature is controlled by all Teams admin security policies, therefore, you will not be able to leverage its capabilities if it is not enabled at the tenant level. In other related news, you will be able to set Adobe Acrobat as a default PDF viewer in Teams soon.