Microsoft Teams now lets users translate slides in PowerPoint Live presentations

Rabia Noureen

Dell 2 Display With Microsoft Teams

Microsoft announced new slide translation capabilities for PowerPoint Live presentations in Teams back in May. The company is now rolling out an update to the Teams desktop client which brings the slide translation functionality.

As the name suggests, the Slide translate feature allows attendees to convert the slide show content in their own language while in private view. The slide translation option will only be available for participants if the presenter uses the PowerPoint Live option in a Microsoft Teams meeting. The feature is currently supported in nineteen languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, and Hindi.

To use this feature, users will need to click the (. . .) menu available at the button of the meeting window. Finally, select the Translate slides option and then choose any language from the list. Users can repeat the same process and then select the “Original option” to revert slideshow content to the default language.

The PowerPoint slide translation capability could be particularly beneficial for multi-lingual meetings, and it will enable attendees to follow the presentation without interrupting the presenter. However, this feature is currently not available in the DoD environments, but we will keep an eye on the Microsoft 365 roadmap to let you know as soon as an update is available for users.