Microsoft Teams to begin rollout to Government customers in July -
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Microsoft Teams to begin rollout to Government customers in July

Microsoft announced today that their Microsoft Teams collaboration tool will begin rolling out to Government Community Cloud (GCC) customers starting July 17th. The company says that Microsoft Teams for Government is designed to meet the government strict security standards, and will allow government users to transform the way they communicate and collaborate.

Microsoft Teams for Government and the consumer-facing version of Microsoft Teams are somewhat different from each other. Features like Call and Meeting Recording, Apps, Email Notifications, are all either disabled or unsupported in Microsoft Teams for Government. "New features for Microsoft Teams will arrive to GCC after release to commercial customers due to increased audit requirements and activities to meet the needs of the GCC environment," Microsoft also explained.

GCC customers with Office 365 for US Government G1, G3, G5, F1 and Microsoft 365 for US Government G3, G5, F1 plans are expected to get access to Teams by the end of August 2018. Administrators will not need to take action, and Microsoft Teams will be enabled by default under these plans. As for other government users, Microsoft detailed that they are working to expand availability to other US government clouds soon.

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