Microsoft Teams starts rolling out native Windows 10 and macOS notifications for some users

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Microsoft Teams is getting a new native Windows 10 and macOS notifications experience to let users configure notifications in a native fashion. The Microsoft 365 roadmap indicates that the feature would hit general availability in September, and Microsoft MVP Matt Wade noticed that it has now started rolling out in preview on the desktop.

Apparently, it’s an optional feature, and users will be able to choose between Teams built-in & Mac notifications. If you’re running the latest version of Teams, head over to Settings >> Notifications, click the “Notification style” drop-down menu available under the Appearance and sound section, and then finally select “Mac” to enable native notifications on Windows 10 and macOS.

With Microsoft Teams becoming one of the popular enterprise messaging app in recent months, the app finally adopting native notifications should be a very welcome change. If you’re not seeing the new feature in Microsoft Teams today, we hope that it will be fully rolled out in the coming weeks.