Microsoft Teams Rooms devices get auto answer option for Meet Now calls, 1080p resolution support, and more

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft has announced some enhancements for its Teams Rooms devices to make the meeting experience more engaging for hybrid work. The company has rolled out these updates to the Android-powered integrated Teams Rooms devices such as mics, cameras, as well as optional Touch consoles.

First of all, Microsoft is introducing a new room remote feature that lets users easily manage their Teams Rooms devices directly from their smartphones. Users who log into Teams on their mobile devices will now be able to switch the content layout, adjust volume, and enable/disable the cameras or microphones in any room.

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The Teams Rooms experience is also getting 1080p resolution support for video streaming. This means that select Microsoft Teams Rooms will now enable users to transmit videos in 1080p resolution quality. However, Microsoft says that the performance could vary significantly based on the bandwidth and certain external conditions.

Another new feature added to Microsoft Teams Rooms is the ability to answer all Meet Now calls automatically. This feature should facilitate hybrid meetings by eliminating the need to accept the call manually. There is also a new sign-in and provisioning experience for IT Admins that provides an option to remotely complete the process by heading to the Teams Admin Center.

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The screen-sharing experience in Teams Rooms is also being improved, with the tool now featuring support for an HDMI connection. The firm says that the home screen of the touch console is getting a new button that lets users control the content that is being shared with participants.

Finally, the Redmond firm is detailing some other updates shipped in this build, and these include a new lock meetings option and support for live captions in 1:1 calls. Additionally, there is a new feature for select Teams Rooms devices that allows users to hide meeting titles in the calendar.