Microsoft Teams meetings will let participants pin or hide their own video feeds

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams Webinars

Microsoft Teams is getting some new features that will enable meeting participants to customize their video feeds. The Microsoft 365 roadmap indicates that these improvements will begin rolling out globally in the Teams desktop or web app in November.

Last year, Microsoft Teams released a new Spotlight feature that lets organizers lock select video feeds for everyone to see during a meeting. This Spotlight update will expand its existing functionality by allowing meeting attendees to pin their own video on the stage to appear alongside other participants.

In addition to this, Microsoft Teams is getting another new feature that will give users the ability to hide their own video feed during Teams meetings. Currently, the participants can see their videos in a small window that appears at the bottom right corner of the meeting stage. However, it has been reported that some people find it exhausting to keep looking at themselves during video chats in real-time.

The upcoming feature aims to address this issue by providing an option to turn off self-view in Microsoft Teams meetings. Zoom has offered this capability for quite some time, and it should help participants focus on the content that was previously blocked on the screen. Let us know in the comments below if you think that this new meeting feature will help to reduce distractions.